Only 2021  League Teams allowed to enter.   Tournament Will begin on Monday August 23rd run into the following week. Depends on how many teams we get before I can give a final date.  WE WILL NOT PLAY ANY GAMES ON THE WEEKEND.


Depending on number of teams entering, the Tournament will start as one big seeded Bracket.  Seeding based on League Strength and final standings.  You may play double headers, play multiple nights in a row, have a night off. 


Depending on when you lose you will fall into a new bracket.  There will be multiple divisions depending on number of teams entered.  Each division is its own separate tournament which should put teams of equal ability against each other.  Even if you aren't the best team in your league you will be playing against other teams from other leagues too. 

The number of teams entered will determine the format.  2 or 3 game guarantee, most teams will play many games.


I know players play on multiple teams during mens league.  You may play in the tournament on multiple teams if you have played with them during the year.  However if you are in the same division you may only play on one team per division. If your teams are in division 1 and 2 you can play every game. 

You may only play on 1 team in the Upper division.  You may only play on one team in the lower division.  No roster shenanigans will be allowed.  Play with and for the teams you played with all year.   

TO ENTER EMAIL info@nbvfwsoftball.com and let Brandon know you are in.  DEADLINE AUG 15th, must pay by then too.









Entry Fee ($100) due by August 15th, 2021 - Can drop off at concession stand to Brandon or Mike. 

VENMO - @bg1206 or CASH ONLY for payment.