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2024 New Berlin VFW WSC Softball Rules


1. All Players must sign the ONLINE roster form. Each coach is responsible for getting players registered.

2. ASA Rules will govern where local rules do not apply.

3. 6-10 pitching arc. ILLEGAL pitches will be called in the air.

4. 3 Foot FLOATING RUBBER, no more than 3 feet behind the mound, must be set for ASA Pitching. 

5. Batters are allowed 2 strikes of any kind. (First strike can be foul, if taking a strike then next strike is an out)

6. Courtesy step is allowed in ASA after ball crosses the plate. If someone swings and misses it’s not an out

7. Plate and Mat are strikes

8. 4 home runs per game.  After 4 it is an out. 

9. Coin Flip for home team every night.


11. Run Rule 15 after 4, 10 after 5...Home team always must bat

12. No kids in dugouts. Or allowed on field during game play.  Safety issues. 

13. No Dogs in the park.

14. Any Ejection will be followed with a suspension.  FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

15. All games will have no new inning started after 55 minutes (If time has not expired can play extra inning in case of tie, if time has expired regular season league game will end in a tie).

16. 1 Courtesy Runner per inning.  Can be anyone on the roster, if that person comes up when their spot in the order is up it will be an out. (if batter gets on twice in same inning can use same runner again)

17. Umpires rulings are not for appeal. All Umpire rulings are final.

18. Please use the orange base when running to first. It’s for your safety.

19. All players play and park cars at their own risk.

20. No parking at the front lot of the NB VFW.


22. Watch the Language many kids are around.

23. Please keep a book to keep track of your runs.

24. Must have 8 to start game, can finish with less. Borrowing player rule is in effect if both teams agree so a team can play with 10 players.

25. Forfeits have a $100 fee.


COED RULES Same rules as above exceptions are:

1. Must alternate hitting guy, girl.

2. 2 girls in outfield, 2 girls in infield. Guy pitcher girl catcher, girl pitcher guy catcher.

3. Can play with more girls than guys.

4. Can only play with more guys than girls if you have 9 players 5 & 4 - would be an out every time for the 10th spot.

5. Anytime a guy walks he gets 2 bases.  Girl has option to walk with 2 outs if Guy walks.

6. No Force outs at home, No commitment line to continue to home.

7. Runner must tag home plate.


Any other rules may be added or adjusted.


Questions please ask!

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